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AB „Alita“ is amongst the leaders of producers of wine and spirits in Lithuania. The Company makes naturally fermented sparkling wines, alcoholic cocktails, ciders, fruit and grape wines and spirits - vodka, bitter brandy, national strong grain spirit SAMANE, brandy ALITA and bottled Scotch whiskeys as well. AB „Alita“ also produces concentrated apple juice and apple aroma.


The Company takes great care about the quality of its products. The developed quality control system meeting the international requirements of ISO 9002 was introduced in 1999. The same year in August the Company was certified and provided with the International Certificate of Quality Control. Later the company was certified according to ISO 9001:2000. The engagements on the quality and environment protection of the AB „Alita“ governing body are showed in the documents: „Quality policy“ and „Environment protection policy“. Due to implementation of this system the continuous control of production quality has became secured and effective service is guaranteed to production consumers. The Quality Certificate is necessary for production export and for international acknowledgement.


Products of AB „Alita“ had been exported to Denmark, England, Germany, USA. At the end of 1999 production export was started to Latvia. The Company has been intensively striving to win Latvian market and is looking for new export possibilities in other countries – Poland, Scandinavian states, etc. At the end of 2001 the first container of AB „Alita“ products was shipped to Japan. Concentrated apple juice and apple aroma is exported to Germany, Poland, Italy and other countries.


1963 The foundation of the company.
Started production of fruit wines.

1973 Started production of grape wines and non alcoholic beverages.

1980 First bottle of sparkling wine has been produced.

1989 The beginning of production of concentrated apple juice.

1995 State company „Alita“ is re-registered into joint stock company.
Starting production of spirits – launched brandy ALITA.

1996 New Italian bottling line installed in the wine department.

1997 Launched bitter strong drink GIMINIU TRAUKTINE.

1998 Opening of web page www.alita.lt on Internet.
Launched national strong grain drink (moonshine) SAMANE.

1999 March Launched whisky ALITA - the first whisky bottled in Lithuania.
1999 July ISO 9002 quality management system achieved.
1999 October Export of alcoholic beverages was renewed - company entered Latvia's market.

2000 March Started production of vodka - launched vodka GERA (GOOD vodka).
2000 December Introduction of the first sparkling grape wine KLASIKINIS brut made according to the traditional method created at Champagne Province in France by keeping wine in bottles for 1- 3 years.

2001 May Launched light carbonated drinks (alcopops) MIX.
2001 August The production of cider has been started.
2001 November First shipment of AB „Alita“ products to Japan.

2002The company achieved environment protection management system certificate ISO 14001. Also the ISO 9001:2000 cerificate was achieved.

2003 February Started production of premium quality vodka - PREMIUM GERA, followed with the same brand flavoured line.

2003 July Launched GO - new RTD line with natural juice.

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