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Anyksciu Vynas, founded in the year 1926, is one of oldest enterprises in the southern region of the Baltics to start producing wine by industrial methods.

Its founder – agronomist Balys Karazija – founded a small fruit and berry winery in the cellar of a rented house and started to ferment the first lot of apple wine.

Karazija`s wine Birute was awarded the main award at an international exhibition in Paris in 1938, whereas, two of his other products, Senasis Vynas (The Old Wine) and Banga (The Wave) were recognised with gold medals.

In the year 1940, after the owner of the enterprise moved to Germany, the enterprise was nationalized by the state. The specialists who remained in the country preserved and cherished the accumulated knowledge and experience of wine production.

In the seventies, after a reconstruction that had taken about ten years, the Anyksciu Vynas company expanded to a great extent. Natural wines were presented at international fairs in the USA, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Mongolia, Poland, etc., where they were greatly appreciated. More than 20 million litres of wine were produced in the year 1979.

In 1985, the country’s leader of wine production was reorganized into a food-stuffs plant, producing soft drinks and sweets.

In 1988, the company began to produce concentrated apple juice. Concentrated apple juice, apple aroma and apple pulp began to be exported to Germany and other countries in Western Europe.

After the restoration of Lithuanian independence, the company used its experience and professionalism in the alcohol industry and introduced new product lines of bitters, liqueurs, vodkas and other products.

In 2004, Anyksciu Vynas AB was privatized. Production was optimised and strategic goals were outlined with the principal goal of preserving the production of traditional, natural and high-quality products.

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