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UAB„Taraila“ was established in 2007. Main activity is harvesting,processing and selling wild mushrooms and berries. After investment project,which was made in 2009, we can suggest not only fresh mushrooms and berries atseason time, but also dried,frozen, marinated production. We are the only onemushroom processing company in Lithuania with such production workshop and cansuggest 100% native product,when purchasing raw material and making process isin Lithuania territory.

Our vision– to become main distributor of wild mushrooms and berries in Lithuania.

Our mission– satisfied clients’ needs with highest quality products.

Our values:

Partnership– we appreciate long term cooperation with our suppliers and clients. Alltogether we are searching solutions to improve products quality.

Workingenvironment –trust, tolerance, open communication, responsibility and team work- core values between our employees

Quality –Responsible employees, working experience and controlled supply chain let toensure the quality of our products.



Mainactivity is harvesting, processing and selling wild mushrooms and berries.

Harvesting –company is placed in south of Lithuania, but buying places are placed all overLithuania. Company buys row material directly from the pickers, so the qualityof production can be controlled at the beginning of supply chain. Company buychanterelles, boletus edulis, xerocomus badius, blueberries,cowberries,cranberries.

Processing –Bought row material is cleaning, sorting and directing to the next stages ofprocessing. Part of the mushrooms and berries are sold fresh to West Europeanand Scandinavian countries, rest of them are frozing, drying, marinating.

Selling – Atseason time, company is exporting fresh mushrooms and berries to France,Germany, Belgium, Austria, Sweden,Finland, Hungary and other Europeancountries. Rest of the year company is selling frozen, dried, marinatedproduction to European countries and Lithuania. In Lithuania company serviceHoReCa sector,also retail production can be found in the biggest supermarketswith company’s brand.

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