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12.10.2016 Lithuanian exporters look for markets to sell poorer quality grain
Lithuanian companies, which exported mostly food-grade wheat to Middle East and NorthernAfrica in recent years, will have to find markets much closer to home to sell this year's poorer-quality crop

"The bulk of Lithuanian grain was exported to SaudiArabia and Iran in recent years. This year, a part of Lithuanian grain will notbe suitable for these markets because of the lower quality," DainiusPilkauskas, commercial director for the Baltic countries at Linas Agro Group,told the paper.

"We will have to look for new specific markets forsmaller food grain. I don't know yet where we are going to sell it," hesaid.

Martynas Cibiras, director of the grain exporter Agerona,says that companies have had to cancel a considerable number of preliminarycontracts with buyers due to the poorer quality of grain.


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