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30.08.2016 Judex allowed to resume production

After repeated tests did not reveal any bacteria, theLithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) on Tuesday allowed theKaunas-based frozen food product company Judex subject to a law-enforcementinvestigation to resume production. Salmonella, E. coli and listeria wereearlier confirmed in its output, while enterobacteriaceae was found in thepremises, reports LETA/BNS.

"The decision was made after veterinary inspectors madesure after repeated testing that the company had completed all of thedisinfection work and implemented all measures envisaged in the faultelimination plan," told Mantas Staskevicius, acting head of the VeterinaryDivision at the VMVT.

In his words, the company has been notified of the sanctionto resume production, with plans to check its operations on a more frequentbasis from now on.

Initial veterinary checks of the Judex premises inmid-August revealed presence of enterobacteriaceae, which indicate lack ofcleanliness in the production process. After testing 230 samples of Judexproducts, the service confirmed salmonella in Liuks dumplings, saying that E.coli content in six of the samples of Judex products it had tested exceeded thepermissible levels. Documents submitted to the food safety watchdog by theSpecial Investigation Service showed that another type of bacteria, listeria,had been found in Judex's Russkiye dumplings, which are produced for theRussian market.

Judex exports to Latvia, Estonia, England, Ireland, Germany,Spain, Russia and Belarus.

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