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ISO certificated    HX Export Company (Viet Nam)

ISO certificated    HX Export international (Viet Nam)

    Habitanis, Lda (Portugal)

ISO certificated    Handary Bio-Engineering B.V. (Netherlands)

ISO certificated EU certificated   Heesure Company (China)

ISO certificated    Henan Yilong Import and Export Co.,Ltd (China)

    Hexagonal Trader (Canada)
(Wheat, Sugar, Soybean, Corn, Barley, Rice,, Pulses)

    Himalayan Herbal Stores (India)

    HortSource (New Zealand)

    Hr.Kat (Denmark)

ISO certificated    Hunan Yangfan Food Trading Co.,Ltd. (China)

ISO certificated EU certificated   Hungca Co., Ltd (Viet Nam)

ISO certificated EU certificated   INGMAN LEDAI, UAB (Lithuania)
(ice-cream: wafer cups "Viva", "Super Viva"; wafer cones "Credo", "Baltija"; sticks (Magnum type) "Credo", "Eskimo"; water ice "Pagunda", "Lipsi"; homepacks 0,5 and 1 l; �cooping ice- cream in 5 l boxes)

ISO certificated EU certificated   INTEGRA CHILE S.A. (Chile)

ISO certificated EU certificated   ISHIDA EUROPE (UK)

    ITAINA, UAB (Lithuania)

ISO certificated    Imperovo Foods (Ukraine)

    IsFruta SAS (Columbia)

ISO certificated EU certificated   Italcomex Import Export Srl (Italy)
(canned tomatoes)

    Italcomex Import Export Srl (Italy)
(canned tomatoes)

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