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ISO certificated    Agrifood Pacific Company (Viet Nam)
(Long white rice, round rice, jasmine rice, glutinous rice)

 EU certificated   AgroFood (Austria)
(Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

    Akas Akbalik Gida A.A.S (Turkey)

 EU certificated   Akisi Food Machinery (Turkey)

ISO certificated    Akkerman (Israel)

    Alkava, UAB (Lithuania)

    Alkhan (Afghanistan)

    All Commerz b.v. (Netherlands)

    All-Time Group (Lithuania)

    Alvostatus (Portugal)

 EU certificated   AmirSpain SLU (Spain)

 EU certificated   Amirspain Meat Supplies SL (Spain)

    Amoli International (India)
(Indian basmati Rice, parboiled rice, white rice, brown rice, Aromatice basmati rice, Non Basmati rice, Indian broken rice,1121 parboiled rice,1121 brown rice, extra long grain rice, pusa rice,sella pusa rice,1121 steem rice,1121 golden rice,pusa stee...)

    Anchal Exports (India)

ISO certificated    Andmark International (Australia)

 EU certificated   AriNord Food Industry handling S.a.r.l Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

    Armen Hamik Eghbairner JV CO Ltd. (Armenia)

    Asian Food Recipe (Singapore)

 EU certificated   Askar Fruits & Vegetables Trading Company (Turkey)

(Lithuanian rye and wheat bread, bread products)

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