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ISO certificated EU certificated   FJ Commerce Ltd (Bulgaria)


 EU certificated   FORESTVILA, UAB (Lithuania)
(Fresh organic shiitake mushrooms)

 EU certificated   Firme Derwa s.a (Belgium)

    Fude & Serrahn Milchprodukte GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

    G.K.Corporation (India)

 EU certificated   GALINI (Latvia)

ISO certificated    GALINTA IR PARTNERIAI, UAB (Lithuania)
(packed and unpacked rice; groats: buckwheat, semolina, barley, wheat, pearl barley; beans, peas; flakes; pasta; tea; salt; starch; crackers; buckwheat hulls matresses and pillows)

 EU certificated   GERNERYS, UAB (Lithuania)
(Every kind of food product & drink)

ISO certificated    GERVOVES KONSERVU FARBIKAS, UAB (Lithuania)
(Jams, confitures, compote, tomato sauces, tomato juise, canned vegetables, mustard, jelly, kisiels, semimanufactures)

ISO certificated    GGF, UAB (Lithuania)
(Horseage )

(poultry meat; eggs)

    GLAVPRODUCT (Russia)

    GLOBUS trade (Lithuania)

ISO certificated EU certificated   GODACO SEAFOOD CO LTD (Viet Nam)

 EU certificated   GREENEEM-K.SIVARAM Bros (India)
(Neem oil biopesticide, Neem cake/Neem seed meal organic fertlizer, Neem coir & coco peat organic plant grow medium, Biodegradable Nursery containers,Grow Bags,Coco husk chips, coconut shell charcoal, Neem leafs, Neem barks, Neem Pet Products, Neem co...)

ISO certificated EU certificated   GRIMEDA, UAB (Lithuania)
(fresh and frozen meat; cooked, semi-smoked, smoked sausages; frankfurters)

 EU certificated   GRUNDALAS, K.Zelnys' company (Lithuania)
(salted fish)

    GUBERNIJA, AB (Lithuania)
(beer: "Ekstra", "Ledo", "Grand", "Geras"; kvass)

ISO certificated    GUDOBELE, UAB (Lithuania)
(sour rye bread; white bread; loaf of white bread; biscuits)

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