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Amber Pasta, Ltd. is the largest and the most modernised pasta producer in the Baltic countries.

The company started its business in 1996 having registered a private limited liability company Gintarinis Amşius in Babtai, Kaunas region. In 2004, 50% of company shares were acquired by the public limited liability company Malsena, the leading producer of wheat and rye flour in the Baltic region. In November 2005, the company Gintarinis Amşius was renamed into Amber Pasta, Ltd.

For the production of pasta the newest Swiss production equipment Bühler has been purchased owing to which the capacities of the company increased 5 times. In April 2006, a new modern line Bühler for the production of spaghetti has been launched. This kind of equipment is the first and only production line in the Baltic countries.      


Presently, the company has 82 employees. Skilful workers use their long professional experience and modern-day knowledge in the field of management and technologies.  

The company makes products with its brand names Gintariniai, Dzintara, Pasaka, Manni, Ckaзka  as well as with customer’s private label goods. Soon we will introduce to the market the highest quality pasta labelled with trademark Amber Pasta. Due to the latest technologies the company is able to ensure not only the high quality of produced pasta, but also promptly and flexibly respond to changing needs of consumers.

  • Lithuanian product of the year 2006
  • Lithuanian product of the year 2002
  • Lithuanian product of the year 2001
  • Lithuanian product of the year 2000
  • Lithuanian product of the year 1999

Sales markets

During the last four years from 2002 to 2006, the sales of the company increased by more than 70%. The company, possessing the latest production technologies and high capacities, overstepped the borders of Lithuania and became known not only in the Baltic region, but also in other European countries.

Home market

In Lithuania, Amber Pasta product sales occupy 40% of local pasta market. Our production is sold through the largest Lithuanian supermarkets, local chains and individual shops within the whole Lithuania.

Foreign markets

The company exports a great part of its production to Latvia and Estonia. Product sales occupy 30% of Latvian pasta market sales and 25% of Estonian pasta market sales. In addition, the company exports its products to Kaliningrad district, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

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